R&D Competence

R&D Competence

R&D competence

  • Development

    • Customer specific development of micro-systems as well as packaging solutions for volume production by applying wafer-based production technology from semiconductor industry including Optical & Electrical desing, HF Simulation and Temperature verification.
  • Prototyping

    • Prototyping can be performed on the equipment for volume production. Therefore there is no need for a technology transfer at the end of the development phase.
  • Manufacturing

    • Cost effective, high precision micro-assembly of chips and micro-modules with wafer based assembly methods for volume manufacturing.
    • Encapsulation of the micro-modules in hermetic tight packages in volume production.
    • Assembly of encapsulated components to more complex subunits with high precision alignment and mounting with laser welding.
    • Application of single manufacturing processes as part of an external manufacturing chain of the customer.
  • Characterization

    • Execution of cost effective measurement and characterization of micro-assemblies using the on-wafer probing of electrical, optical and mechanical properties.
  • Burn-In

    • Execution of cost effective Burn-In and aging tests with chip components and micro-assemblies on wafer scale.